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confused-theory asked: Couldn't you give us big general writing updates like, "We've finished all the writing for the Polly Parks paths"? Or is the writing process more complicated than that?

Because nothing is done until we hit the big red “release the game” button in the office.

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*Disclaimer: the times for any of these panels have yet to be set in stone, so please be patient. This is mainly to inform everypony of what is going to be at Crystal Fair.* 

Who’s Line Is It Anypony with Jane Howell and Friends!

The only panel where everything is made up and the bits don’t matter. With your host Derpy, these ponies will be performing improve just like the show “Who’s Line Is It Anyway.” With help from volunteers from the audience, this show is a must see, must do performance! So grab your popcorn, grab your friends, this shall be a panel to remember!

To check out all of the most up to date information go check out our Facebook as well!  

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Anonymous asked: What's a pitfall to working in RenPy?

Ren’Py has its quirks, but at least they’re consistent quirks.

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Anonymous asked: Been awhile since any big news

We said back during the demo that it was gonna be a little boring around here for a while. When art happens, it’s interesting and we can show it. When writing happens, we can’t show it because spoilers.

We’ll see what we can do.

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shawnyall asked: When's the next time you guys are going to play some scary games at night? (Like when two of yous guys played Amnesia?) :D

We really should do that again sometime…

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ask-moon-and-friends asked: Do you have Plans to include Famous Fans Youtubers/Blogs IE Living Tomb Stone, Glaze/WoodenToaster,and Bubble pop etc.?

We went into this with a “no OC” policy. There aren’t any current plans to change that.

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terra-vail asked: Out of the 6 girls who would you say has the toughest to personality to write for? Also moustache face :{]

It used to be Rarity/Rosalyn, but now it seems to be Faith.

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Anonymous asked: If a time traveler from the future appeared and told you Starswirl would be released sometime within the next six months, would you be shocked, or would you think that he's provably right?

We’d ask for a copy of the game and release it today.

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